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Are you looking to buy or sell properties in NILGIRIS
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We have thousands of properties for sale in COONOOR
Interested in buying or renting a farm or land in KOTAGIRI?
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Has your property value increased? Call +91 9962202869 to find out your property value.
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Trusted real estate company
in Nilgiris
With hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, is the Nilgiris leading estate agency website. Renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing properties, our website plays a pivotal role in the professional marketing of your property.
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Farms, tea estates & land for sale /to rent
Interested in buying or renting a farm or land in Kotagiri? Search through our wide selection of land and property for sale and to rent or call us to find from leading Nilgiris land agents. Buying land can be a sound investment if you know what
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Selling properties to our customers
We can help you find your ideal new-build home in the Ooty. Search a wide range of brand new homes for sale, including luxury houses, flats and apartments or call us to find from the NILGIRISleading property developers.
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Thinking of selling your own home?
We can help you sell your luxury houses, cottages, flats, tea estates and apartments in Coonoor. We have a trust worth clients who love to live in this district and are eager to know about your property call us to find about your property value.

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